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🕔Monday August 29, 2016

Vector Control House Inspection Cards to be used to Inform persons of Mosquito Breeding Sites in their Homes

As part of its vector control activities, the Ministry of Health has developed a House Inspection Card. Vector control workers will use the cards as a tool to assess homes and identify mosquito breeding sites islandwide. Following the assessment, the vector control workers will make recommendations to be taken in… Read More

🕔Friday August 19, 2016

Health Experts will meet to Advise on Support Needed for Children Born with Birth Defects Associated with Zika

The Ministry of Health has identified an Expert Group to look at recommendations to address the support that will be required for children born with birth defects associated with Zika. The Expert Group consists of a Neuro Psychologist, Paediatirc Psychologist, Child Psychiatrist, Paediatric Neurologist, Behavioral Paediatrician, Paediatrician and an Early Childhood Education Specialist. The group will… Read More

🕔Friday August 12, 2016

Ministry of Health continues Drive to Strengthen Zika Community Intervention

The Ministry of Health will continue its drive to strengthen its community intervention as part of its Phase Two response to Zika, with the next scheduled community meeting to take place Friday August 19, 2016 at the Country Pride Supermarket Parking Lot in St. Ann at 4p.m. The meetings, which… Read More

Emergency/Disaster Tips

🕔Monday January 11, 2016

What to do in the Event of an Earthquake

Before the Earthquake Teach all members of your family about earthquake safety. This includes: 1) the actions you should take when an earthquake occurs, 2) the safe places in a room such as under a strong desk, along interior walls, and 3) places to avoid such as near windows, large… Read More

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