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🕔Wednesday May 24, 2017

NCDs: a global and local priority

Geneva, Switzerland – Health Minister, Dr. Chris Tufton, has urged the World Health Organization, WHO, to lead in driving the adoption of robust measures and initiatives to address the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) crisis with all options on the table. He pointed to daunting statistics in which 25% of Jamaicans between… Read More

🕔Wednesday May 24, 2017

Health Minister Appeals to WHO to Provide More Leadership on Cannabis

Geneva, Switzerland – Minister of Health, Dr. Chris Tufton made a call on the World Health Organisation, WHO, to remove cannabis from its current classification as a Schedule 1 Drug (illegal drug) deemed to have no medicinal benefits to a Schedule which reflects its important potential for medicinal use. “Removing… Read More

🕔Sunday May 21, 2017

Health Minister Urges Regional Colleagues to Fast-track Achieving NCD Goals

Geneva, Switzerland – Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, has renewed his call at the highest level for countries in the region to be more deliberate and robust with their action plan to mitigate against the Non-Communicable Diseases, NCDs. Speaking at the Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, earlier today,… Read More

Emergency/Disaster Tips

🕔Tuesday May 16, 2017

Safety Tips After Flood Rains

Do not go outside unnecessarily. Wear water boots or closed shoes when going outdoors. Wear gloves when clearing debris or handling of dirty water. If you get a puncture wound, a nail stick or a cut, seek medical attention immediately. Do not allow children to play in the floodwater or… Read More

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